Leovince GP CORSA EVO Pot D’Echappement carbone HONDA CBR 400 R/500 R 2016 16

janvier 16, 2018
Leovince GP CORSA EVO Pot D'Echappement carbone HONDA CBR 400 R/500 R 2016 16

Leovince GP CORSA EVO Pot D'Echappement carbone HONDA CBR 400 R/500 R 2016 16
Leovince GP CORSA EVO – Slip-On Exhaust Carbon (Racing use only) HONDA CBR 400 R / 500 R 2016 16>. Slip-on exhaust Carbon fiber (Racing use only) not homologated. Homologation: (Racing use only). The LeoVince GP RACING EVO silencer represent balance between looks, performance and price for motorcycles up to 500cc 4-stroke. Inspired by MotoGP experience, LeoVince has developed the muffler design in matte carbon and a technopolymer end cup. To embellish the exhaust, an aluminum plate LeoVince was applied to the silencer in pure Italian style. Better sound, better look. The GP CORSA EVO slip-on is made entirely of carbon, with matte finish and embellished in the look of a technopolymer end cup, resistant to high temperatures. The ducts of the exhaust are large for a better ratio between torque and maximum power. The pipe is treated on the surface with the technique « Scotch-Brite », Which consists in manual cleaning of every single detail, For a silencer without the slightest imperfection. The LeoVince GP CORSA EVO muffler is available with 2 matte carbon coats, secured to the chassis by a stainless steel strap combined with a vibration damping rubber gasket. In 1994, the Passion and Experience of Fabrizio Bertollini created OMNIA RACING , with the aim of representing a reference point for everyone fond of bikes. In 2000, when Salvatore Orefice joins OMNIA RACING , the OMNIA RACING Special Parts project is founded, a society based on the passion and competence needed to create and trade the top products for motorbikes. Our continuous search for perfection and performance, using advanced technologies, has allowed OMNIA RACING Special Parts to interact with internationally famous pilots and teams. Our products are excellent for both road and circuit use. They are constantly tested by our technicians and pilots, thus improving the techicnal, dynamical and structurale features of the materials adopted and of the special parts produced. The experience gained through the years has permitted Omnia Racing Special Parts to be extremely selective in the choice of the firms and of the products distributed. Accostato, Afam, Aim, Akrapovic, Andreani, Arrow, Bazzaz, BC battery controller, Bitubo, BMC, Braking, Brembo, BST, Capit, Castrol, Derry Moto, Diapason, DID, Discacciati, Eibach, EK, Fabbri, Far, FrenTubo, Galfer, GBRacing, Giannelli, Gifrap, Givi, Gopro Hero, GPT, H2O, Hagon, Ixil, JollyMoto, Kappa, Laser, LCR selle, Leovince, Lightech, Mafra, Marchesini, Marvic, Marzocchi, Matris, Mivv, MRA, Nissin, Ohlins, PBR, Polini, PT, Rizoma, RME, Robby Moto, Sachs, STM, Stomp, SuperB, Suter, Termignoni, Valtermoto. OMNIA RACING Special Parts is in close contact with its customers, taking part to several important events: Bike Expò Padova, national and international races, free circuit sessions. On the web, our « on-line shop window » is always associated with a direct contact with the customers, so as to suggest them the product that best suits their needs. This should allow our customers to feel at ease and to trust us. All this has allowed us to become, in less than a decade, a reference point in Italy; in addition, our products are increasingly demanded also in Europe and in the US. L’item « Leovince GP CORSA EVO Pot D’Echappement carbone HONDA CBR 400 R/500 R 2016 16″ est en vente depuis le mardi 7 novembre 2017. Il est dans la catégorie « Véhicules\ pièces, accessoires\Moto\ pièces détachées\Systèmes d’échappement\Silencieux ». Le vendeur est « omnia-racing » et est localisé à/en 80055. Cet article peut être livré partout dans le monde.
  • Marque: Leovince
  • Numéro de pièce fabricant: 3384E
  • Pays de fabrication: Italie
  • Garantie fabricant: 2 ans

Leovince GP CORSA EVO Pot D'Echappement carbone HONDA CBR 400 R/500 R 2016 16

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